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AUFF flagships

AUFF launches a new tool in 2018: AUFF flagships.

AUFF flagships cover research projects of extraordinary high carat with a considerable ability to create breakthroughs and of innovative strength. The new tool demands partnership with other foundations, nationally or internationally.

Before inquiry to AUFF there has to be commitment to the project from one or more foundations of minimum 10-15 million DKK.

The contribution from AUFF is expected to be in the same funding framework and up to 10 million DKK. No application deadlines are expected. A negotiation process can only take place through an inquiry to the chairman of the grant committee who can summon the other members to a consultation for further discussion. As the name indicates a flagship project has to have considerable public appeal and be able to brand both Aarhus University and Aarhus University Research Foundation. A maximum of one flagship project is granted a year.

The chairman of the grant committee is currently professor Karl Anker Jørgensen:  

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Revised 30.11.2017