AUFF flagships

AUFF Flagships is a new, ambitious tool targeted at research projects at Aarhus University of an extraordinary character.

To be considered for an AUFF Flagship, projects must have a considerable ability to create breakthroughs and innovative strength and be capable of effectively attracting attention to Aarhus University at national and international levels. AUFF Flagships must create synergy between research at the highest level and creative public outreach profiling Aarhus University Research Foundation and Aarhus University among the general public. When several candidates compete for an AUFF Flagship, scientific quality and the potential for broad public commitment will play a crucial role in the final choice of AUFF Flagship projects.

The AUFF Flagship tool demands partnership with one or more Danish or international actors. Before applying for an AUFF Flagship, applicants must therefore have been promised funding for the project from one or several other foundations or have a plan for attracting funding corresponding to the funding offered by AUFF. The foundation expects to award AUFF Flagship grants every other year, and applicants may apply for funding corresponding to the size of the external funding, though not exceeding DKK 15 million.

Application procedure: Only the deans can submit AUFF Flagship applications. The application can comprise a maximum of 10 pages and must be submitted to AUFF before 1 May 2019. The foundation welcomes cross-faculty applications supported by several deans, though each dean can only recommend one AUFF Flagship project a year. The foundation will conduct an external evaluation of proposed AUFF Flagships, after which the grant committee will recommend one project to the board of the foundation for an AUFF Flagship grant. The project can only receive the actual funding from AUFF once it has attracted other funding that corresponds to or exceeds the amount AUFF intends to provide.

AUFF must have received applications from the deans on 1 May 2019.

For questions regarding AUFF Flagships, please contact Chairman of the AUFF Grant Committee Professor Karl Anker Jørgensen at +45 2680 4960 or For questions regarding the application process, requirements, framework or timeframe, please contact Tove Østergaard Le at the Talent Development Unit at +45 2162 4921 or

The application (in one PDF file) must be submitted to Tove Østergaard Le, the Talent Development Unit, via email:

Review committee

  • Professor Karl Anker Jørgensen, AU Science and Technology
  • Professor Klaus Mølmer, AU Science and Technology
  • Professor Helle Vandkilde, AU Arts
  • Professor Jens Otto Lunde Jørgensen, AU Health
  • Professor Jens Blom-Hansen, AU Business and Social Sciences