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AUFF guest researcher grant

Applications must be completed online at Application forms are available one month before the deadline for applications.

Applications received no later than

Replies expected to be sent out by

15 March 2017, at noon

Week 20

13 September 2017, at noon

Week 47


To support visits by internationally acclaimed researchers who may help strengthen research and education at Aarhus University. 

About the applicant

Permanently employed researchers, with the rank of associate professor or higher, at Aarhus University may apply for funding of a guest researcher visit.

What does the foundation support?

The foundation accepts applications for visits by guest researchers of one to six months. The foundation only accepts applications for support for wages and travel expenses of the visiting scholar or for support of reasonable expenses in connection with the travel and visit. This means that both wages and subsistence expences cannont be applied for. Subsistence expenses can maximum amount to the rate of hourly/daily allowances plus the rate of undocumented night work, compare the state rate for official trips.

Evaluation criteria

Aarhus University recommends applications to AUFF’s board following expert guidance. The size of the total amount awarded may differ from year to year. There is competition about the funding.

Evaluation of applications will especially focus on the following:

  • The research qualifications of the guest researcher.
  • That the guest researcher is a senior researcher at a high level (often, though not necessarily, permanently employed at a university). Applications for support for visiting scholars at postdoc level or similar are usually not granted.
  • That activities and goals, including plans for both research and teaching, are clearly stated in the project description.
  • The quality of the research environment that the guest researcher is to be part of.
  • The guest researcher's contribution to the already existing research environment within the given field, e.g. how does the visiting scholar’s profile fit the existing environment, and what is the potential for development of new projects and collaborations during the visit? Similarly, great emphasis is placed on whether the visiting scholar contributes to the teaching, for example by taking part in already existing courses or by planning new courses.
  • The guest researcher’s contribution to the development of the university’s international research network, including especially the establishment of new collaborations.
  • The quality of the research environment at Aarhus University of which the guest researcher will be a part.

About the application

AUFF’s online application form must be completed. Application forms are available at from one month before the application deadline. 

The following appendixes must be typed in or enclosed:

  • Project description
  • Short CV of applicant
  • CV and list of publications of the guest researcher (a maximum of five pages)
  • Academic recommendation by head of department or similar MUST be enclosed (applicant cannot draw up the academic recommendation him- or herself).
  • Written undertaking from the guest researcher, including periods within which the proposed visit may take place.
  • Budget with account of the individual entries, including the basis of the wage calculation. The basis is Danish contractual wages at the level in question. Deviations from this level must be substantiated.

The project description may not exceed three pages (2,400 characters per page) and must include the following items:

  • Aim of the visit by the guest researcher
  • Activities during the visit
  • Future opportunities for collaboration
  • The home research environment of the guest researcher
  • Whether the guest researcher has previously received support for visits to AU from AUFF. If so, applications are only rarely granted.
  • Indication of the period of time of the proposed visit and, in special cases, an account of any previous visits to Aarhus University
  • Date of birth of the guest researcher 

Questions regarding AUFF guest researcher grants can be directed to:

Tove Østergaard Le
Aarhus University, AU Forskning og Eksterne Relationer
Tel: +45 8715 2607, Mobile: 2162 4921

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