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Research stay in Møllehuset

In 2001 Aarhus University Research Foundation took over Møllehuset at Sandbjerg Estate with a view to enabling researchers to work with subjects related to the geographical area and find peace to conduct Scientific Work. Read detailed descriptions of the three flats in Møllehuset and the conditions for stays in Møllehuset.

Researchers may on an ongoing basis apply for a stay in Møllehuset. The foundation normally grants stays of one week to two months. The application form is available at .

Please direct questions for research stays in Møllehuset to:

Aarhus University Research Foundation

Finlandsgade 14

8200 Aarhus N

Att.: Susanne Byskov

Phone: 871 53369


The apartments and periods below are currently available. Reservation is taken for the ongoing applications. Please contact Susanne Byskov Jensen at or phone: 8715 3369.

Available periods in 2017:

Apartment A:  20 March to 9 April + 22 April to 21 May + 24 May to 9 June + 12 to 20 June + 23 June to 30 June.

Apartment B: Available 25 March to 21 May + 24 May to 9 June + 12 June to 20 June + 23 to 30 June.  

Apartment C: Available 3 to 17 April + 24 to 30 April + 6 May to 21 May + 24 May to 9 June + 12 to 20 June + 23 to 30 June.


Letting Møllehuset

To the extent that the flats are not used for the primary purpose, the flats can be made available to relieve the pressure on the course facilities at Sandbjerg and for shorter stays by the university's employees for payment.

The daily rates are DKK 300 for the 1-2 person flats and DKK 450 for the 2-person flat, excl. phone, cleaning etc. The weekly rates for the flats are DKK 1,600 and DKK 2,400, respectively.

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