Clean-up at Høfde 42 is supported by Aarhus University Research Foundation


Clean-up at Høfde 42 is supported by Aarhus University Research Foundation

Cheminova's former owner, Auriga Industries A/S, has been given the opportunity to contribute DKK 125 million to clean up at Høfde 42. Funding from the parties behind the Finance Act for 2021 and DKK 50 million earmarked in previous finance acts has now been provided with the necessary funding for the purification of Høfde 42.

At an extraordinary general meeting, Auriga Industries A/S has decided to assist with a one-off amount of DKK 125 million to clean up soil pollution at Høfde 42 at the North Sea. The company Auriga Industries A/S, a subsidiary of Aarhus University Research Foundation, may grant this contribution on the basis of an approval from Danish Business Authority. The task of cleaning up the polluted plots lies with Central Denmark Region, but it has not been possible to carry out the extraordinarily large assignment without external assistance. A full purification of the generation pollution at Høfde 42 is estimated to cost a total of DKK 250 million. "We can now see a clear light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. I would like to thank both Aarhus University Research Foundation and the parties behind Finance Act, "says Anders Kühnau (S), chairman of the regional council in Central Denmark Region. Together with private companies and with the support of Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, Central Denmark Region have developed methods to purify the earth at Harbøre Tange.

-So we know what to do. Now we also have the money to realise the project. Denmark is writing environmental history these days, "says Anders Kühnau. The methods of purification have at present improved to such an extent that the pollution at Høfde 42 can be cleaned locally and expected within the financial framework of DKK 250 million over the course of a foreseeable period of time. "The generational pollutions as Høfde 42 are the sins of the past, which we can now begin to address in earnest. With the Finance Act agreement, we can clean up a number of the largest contaminants in the history of Denmark, and it is clear that such a large contribution from Aarhus University Research Foundation brings us even further. I am very pleased about this, and it shows that they are also helping to take a social responsibility for the clean-up after Cheminova, "says minister of the environment Lea Wermelin.

Purification is of paramount importance
Brian Bech Nielsen, chair of the board for Aarhus University Research Foundation, who is also Aurigas's capital owner, is very pleased that a path has now been found to help clean up. "It's been Aarhus University Research Foundation very much about getting the cleanup going. A clean-up of the area has enormous significance, not least for the residents and nature of Harboøre Tange. That is why I am very pleased that Danish Business Authority have given us the green light for Auriga Industries A/S to make a contribution to the purification of Høfde 42 with the DKK 125 million, "says Brian Bech Nielsen, who is rector at Aarhus University and chair of the board for the Research Foundation.

Terms and conditions for the contribution
In addition to the Central Denmark Region documents that the region receives full funding for the entire purification of Høfde 42, Auriga requires that a steering or advisory group be deployed, to which the company will have the opportunity to appoint one or more members. This group will be instructed to follow the process of cleaning up. The company Auriga Industries A/S is planned to be dissolved, as there are no longer activities in the company. The only activity in the company was until the sale in 2015 chemical company Cheminova.

Cheminova's disposal of chemical waste at Harbøre Tange took place in the 50s and 60s with the state authorisation, which also deposited chemical waste on site. The task for the cleanup is located at Central Denmark Region. Today, the Poison depot at Høfde 42 is encapsulated by a 600-metre-long iron sheet, which prevents chemical waste from leaking into the North Sea. The authorities have calculated that approx. 110 tons of chemicals are in the depot. In connection with the consideration of the sale of Cheminova at the Aurigas General meeting, Aarhus University Research Foundation suggested that funds be allocated for the cleanup, but the proposal did not at that time have the necessary support.

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