New Director of Sandbjerg Estate

Photo: Ole Toldbod

Sandbjerg Estate will have a new director when Henrik Dalgaard takes over the helm on 1 December. He replaces Søren Mogensen who has chosen to retire after eight years in the position. At the same time, Sandbjerg Estate is in the process of becoming a subsidiary of the Aarhus University Research Foundation Group by early 2021.

It is a person with thorough knowledge of the Aarhus University Research Foundation and Aarhus University who, as of 1 December, will be in charge of Sandbjerg Estate when Henrik Dalgaard, Executive Assistant at the Aarhus University Research Foundation, takes the helm of the beautiful Estate in Southern Jutland.

‘Henrik has solid knowledge of the University, the Foundation and the Estate itself, and his experience, insight and network will be a great asset for Sandbjerg Estate in the coming years’, says Brian Bech Nielsen who, as Rector of Aarhus University, is also the Chairman of the Board of the Estate.

He explains that the Estate is facing a major renovation with conversion to geothermal heating and the introduction of energy-saving climate management. This puts great demands on the Estate's financial foundation, and the Board has therefore decided that during 2021, Sandbjerg Estate will be fully transferred to the Aarhus University Research Foundation.

Henrik Dalgaard looks forward to heading the renewal process that lies ahead. But he will also use his background from the publishing industry to create a more visible profile for the Estate:

‘I am going to work on developing the offered courses so that they will include more international activities, live streaming of lectures and new package solutions within PhD and dissertation defences, inaugural lectures and so on. I also have a dream of using the beautiful park for events based on Aarhus University's research activities’, says Dalgaard.

The current Director, Søren Mogensen, has chosen to retire on 1 December, and Brian Bech Nielsen expresses great appreciation for the efforts that the former Dean of The Faculty of Health Sciences has made over the past eight years:

‘Søren has made a long and very dedicated contribution to both Aarhus University and the Sandbjerg Estate, and on behalf of the Board I would like to express our big and whole-hearted appreciation for the great work he has done. He has been an important figure in the history of the University and Sandbjerg Estate, and his coming retirement is extremely well-deserved’.

Further information:
Director Henrik Dalgaard
Tel: +45 2382 3230