Professor Isabelle Torrance set to receive the Victor Albeck Award


By Anja Kjærgaard

Isabelle Torrance started her research career at Aarhus University with a three-year fellowship at Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS) which has been very successful in attracting highly qualified international researchers. She has since been engaged as professor at the Department of English where she has established the research centre “Classical Influences and Irish Culture” supported by an ERC grant from her fellowship at AIAS.

Isabelle Torrance’s research team works to show how classical literature is appropriated in Ireland and is related to current conflicts. A perspective that includes post-colonial, multi-linguistic and feminist angles. The project is creating a database which allows for new interdisciplinary research in classical and modern literature. This way, Isabelle Torrance contributes to the development of a new research field, Classical Reception Studies.

Professor Isabelle Torrance comes from a background as a classical philologist and thus combines the philological tradition with research into the role of classical culture in modern European history.

Isabelle Torrance is an original and productive researcher who has already published seven books and a number of articles. Her ability to create synergy between classical studies and modern history also makes her a popular lecturer among international peers and in the general public.

Facts about the award
The Victor Albeck Award of DKK 100,000 is presented to a young research talent who works or has been working in affiliation to Aarhus University and who is undertaking scientific work and has presented one or more significant results that augurs well for thefuture work. The award will be presented for the first time in 2021 in connection with the award ceremonies in May, which also includes the presentation of Holst-Knudsen’s Science Award and the Aarhus University Research Foundation’s PhD Awards.

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Photo: Birthe Vembye.