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Publication support

The latest deadline for applications was Wednesday 22 February 2017 at 12:00. The next call for applications is expected to be early/mid-August with deadline mid-/late September.The latest call for applications was as follows:

We hereby call for applications to the Aarhus University Research Foundation for the first half year of 2017.

What do we support?

The objective of the foundation’s publication support is to ensure that important scientific work and other activities at the university can obtain the necessary support for qualified high-quality publication and dissemination and thereby strengthen the university’s communication of research results and other related activities both within the international research landscape and to the general public.

Although the foundation mainly supports publications published by Aarhus University Press, it also supports publications published by other relevant Danish and international publishers.

In connection with the publication of books (and ebooks) grants may be awarded for language revision and, in special cases, for open access publication following the evaluation of the publication committee.

Applicants must be employed at Aarhus University. However, the publication committee has previously awarded grants to professors emeritus at Aarhus University and wishes to continue this practice, even though professors emeritus are not formally regarded as employees at Aarhus University. The wish to continue to award grants to professors emeritus is based on the fact that professors emeritus often continue to be affiliated with research projects at Aarhus University and, therefore, may apply for support for the publication of results achieved through research conducted at Aarhus University. 

The 2017 pool for publication support comprises a total of DKK 5 million. Grants are awarded twice a year with deadlines for application in February and September, respectively.

Please address any questions regarding the application procedure, the evaluation of applications or the online application system to Tove Østergaard Le, AU Research Support and External Relations, email:, phone: +45 8715 2607, mobile: +45 2162 4921.

Read more about the objective, recommendations and organisation of the publication committee.

What do we not support?

·         As a rule, the foundation does not award grants for translations, with the exception of very special cases, e.g. Sanskrit.

·         Applications for support for ongoing department- or faculty-based journals etc. are not recommended for grants, with the exception of special or theme-based editions or the establishment of new journals.

·         In connection with journal publications, grants are not awarded for fees for publication.

·         Applications for support for duplication etc. of PhD theses are not recommended for grants.

Guidelines for application of grants

Applications must be submitted online through
The application form can be found under “Publication support” a month before the application deadline. The application form must be completed, providing information on the applicant, the publication and the publisher. A publisher’s estimate must be attached to the application.

The application must include:

·         Personal information

·         Title of the publication and type of publication

·         Description of the publication (no more than 5,000 characters incl. spaces)

·         List of authors (no more than 2,000 characters including spaces)

·         Table of contents (no more than 2,500 characters incl. spaces)

·         Publisher and date of publication

·         Amount applied for from AUFF

·         Suggested selling price with and without support, respectively

·         Publisher’s estimate

·         A publisher’s estimate (to be uploaded in Step 3) must be attached to the application, insofar as the publication involves a publishing house; if not, the application may be rejected.

·         A total of 3 PDF files and 1 JPEG file may be attached to the application.

Submission of applications

The application must state the applicant’s CPR number, and the applicant must be employed at Aarhus University.

Deadline for applications

Applications must be submitted through efond no later than at 12:00 on Wednesday 22 February 2017. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered. The grant recipients will be chosen at a foundation board meeting in April 2017, and applicants can expect to be notified no later than by late May 2017.

The expected deadline for applications in the fall is Wednesday 6 September 2017.



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