AUFF NOVA 2019: 30 million DKK to daring research projects


30 researchers have just received a total of DKK 30 million within the foundation's AUFF NOVA programme. The aim of AUFF NOVA is to stimulate the establishment of daring and innovative research projects which are of high quality, but which will also have difficulties in obtaining support from other sources. The selected projects show new paths and have the potential for scientific breakthroughs. All grants are granted in open competition on the basis of applications submitted to the Foundation. A total of DKK 305 million was applied for and there was a budget of DKK 30 million.


Professor MSO Jens Seeberg, School of Culture and Society:
Antimicrobial resistance across biotic socialities.
DKK 1.500.000


Professor Ning De Coninck-Smith, Danish School of Education:
Kvindernes universitet. Århus Universitet 1928-2015.
DKK 1.500.000


Associate professor Jesper Wulff, Department of Economics and Business Economics:
Opening the black box: Making machine learning interpretable for the organizational research.
DKK 2.000.000


Associate professor Panagiotis Mitkidis, Department of Management:
The dark side of commitment: Investigating how a sense of commitment can motivate and justify corrupt behavior.
DKK 2.300.000


Associate professor Henrik Seeberg, Department of Political Science:
To which societal problems do political parties pay attention?
DKK 2.000.000


Associate professor Palle Villesen, Department of Clinical Medicine:
The hidden witness – predicting human traits from blood and fingerprints.
DKK 2.000.000


Senior scientist Thorsten Balsby, Department of Bioscience:
Communicated decisions in parrots with fission-fusion flocks.
DKK 2.300.000


Associate professor Alberto Scoma, Department of Engineering:
Secret conversations about lignocellulose degradation.
DKK 2.500.000


Professor Lotte Bach Larsen, Department of Food Science:
VEGMILK: Milk and its plant based alternatives – linking process load and protein qualities.
DKK 2.300.000




Associate professor Anne Line Dalsgård, School of Culture and Society:
Embodying Academia.
DKK 600.000


Academic employee Peter Jensen, School of Culture and Society:
Ring Fortresses and Meteor Craters: Machine learning for state-of-the-art collaboration at AU.
DKK 600.000


Associate professor Magdalena Naum, School of Culture and Society:
Stones, bones and forgotten histories: A mixed method approach to Native American objects in Danish museums.
DKK 595.000


Associate professor Antoinette Fage-Butler, School of Communication and Culture:
Mistrust of scientific expertise – Exploring a cultural phenomenon.
DKK 570.000

Associate professor Rikke Toft Nørgård, Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media:
Design for the Playful University: New formats for future education.
DKK 600.000


Associate professor Shin Kanaya, Department of Economics and Business Economics:
Estimating a meat demand system and prices of economic interventions to achieve environmental targets.
DKK 360.000

Associate professor Mai Linneberg, Department of Management:
Human rights of the Workers in Global Value Chaings: The question of social upgrading.
DKK 600.000


Associate professor Lin Lin, Department of Biomedicine:
Discovering early biomarkers in circulating endothelial cells for diabetes complications by single cell RNA sequencing (CEC4DC).
DKK 580.000

Professor Jeppe Prætorius, Department of Biomedicine:
Single domain antibodies (nanobodies) for acute reduction of intracranial pressure: putative means for a better recovery after hemorrhagic stroke.
DKK 450.000 kr. 

Associate professor Marina Romero-Ramos, Department of Biomedicine:
Single-cell RNA analysis of the myeloid response in brain during alpha-synuclein neurodegeneration.
DKK 600.000

Professor Sarang Dalal, Department of Clinical Medicine:
Unlocking human cerebellar electrophysiology with random matrix theory.
DKK 595.000


Associate professor Betina Elfving, Department of Clinical Medicine:
Non-coding RNAs as potential biomarkers of depression.
DKK 580.000.


Associate professor Helle Damkier, Department of Biomedicine:
Protection against epileptic seizures by inhibition of acid-base transport in the brain.
DKK 600.000


Associate professor Brian Hansen, Department of Clinical Medicine:
The neurophysiology of sleep: awake animal MRI of the glymphatic system.
DKK 590.000


Associate professor Henrik Birkedal, Department of Chemistry:
The Spiral of the Narwhal Tusk.
DKK 550.000


Associate professor Victoria Birkedal, Department of Chemistry:
Joining forces: FRET enhanced super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.
DKK 550.000


Senior scientist Ulrich Bay Gosewinkel, Department of Environmental Science:
Development of a next generation airborne instrument platform for Arctic climate research at Villum Research Station.
DKK 550.000


Academic employee Rasmus Andreasen, Department of Geoscience:
Making strontium isotopes a reliable tracer of human migration.
DKK 550.000


Associate professor Mads Faurschou Knudsen, Department of Geoscience:
When did modern humans and early hominins first migrate out of Africa?
DKK 550.000


Associate professor Lene Pedersen, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics:
Inorganic phosphate and brain function: Impact of deregulated cerebral phosphate handling in a mouse model.
DKK 580.000


Associate professor Bo Thomsen, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics:
How to live longer and stay healty according to the Greenland shark.
DKK 330.000