Support for the conduct of PhD seminars, research group meetings, workshops and summer camps at Sandbjerg Estate

The foundation receives applications on an ongoing basis..

Applications are submitted online through


Provide financial support for PhD seminars, research group meetings, workshops and summer camps at Sandbjerg Estate, thus reducing the self-payment of the participants. Support can amount to no more than DKK 600 per calendar day per participant, and grants for financial support are only awarded for full calendar days. A full calendar day includes overnight stay.

Grant applications for summer camps at Sandbjerg Estate may include support for accommodation and wage costs in connection with camps where researchers teach other researchers.

See Sandbjerg Estate's presentation video (in Danish). 

As of 1 June 2015 a new pricing structure was introduced for Aarhus University’s use of Sandbjerg Estate. The price per calendar day was reduced by 25 %. This change has been introduced to make it more attractive for employees at Aarhus University to use Sandbjerg Estate as a conference centre. The discount applies to the price per calendar day, not for other meals.

Sandbjerg Estate Calendar Day  

One calendar day at Sandbjerg Estate includes:

  • Classroom with AV and IT equipment and Internet.
  • Overnight stay in single room.
  • Breakfast.
  • Morning coffee/tea.
  • Lunch buffet incl. 1 beer or soft drink and fruit.
  • Afternoon coffee/tea and home-baked cake.
  • Two-course dinner buffet (chef’s choice) incl. 1 beer or soft drink and coffee/tea.  

Support is awarded for future stays as assurance of funding rather than as fixed grants with a view to using the yearly budget as effectively as possible. Therefore, applicants must no later than two months before the event report the final number of participants to both the foundation and Sandbjerg Estate, before a final grant can be given. The final number is reported to Susanne Byskov: with cc to Henriette Rasmussen Billesø: 


Heads of PhD schools or the conference organiser responsible for the academic content. Applications are submitted online through to attach a budget, as this is included in the evaluation of the application.

Please direct questions concerning the application procedure to Henriette Rasmussen Billesø, Aarhus University Research Foundation:

phone +45 8942 7030 / 2868 7782 / 

Please direct questions concerning availability to Susanne Byskov Jensen, Sandbjerg Estate Administration:

phone +45 8942 7025 /