New director becomes focal point for investment in further education

It will be with 41-year-old Peter Juhl at the helm when the Aarhus University Research Foundation and Aarhus University establish the innovation that is set to deliver research-based further education to the Danish labour market.

The basic idea is quite familiar to him: Help customers clarify their needs - and then figure out how you and your team can fulfil them.

However, Peter Juhl does not hide the fact that he is entering new territory when he assumes the position of director on May 1st for the course company that Aarhus University Research Foundation is establishing in collaboration with the university.

A company that is so new it hasn't even been named yet - but whose mission is nevertheless clear: The Danish workforce needs a research-based vitamin injection.

From insurance to research

"Many of the societal challenges we face call for specialized and updated knowledge. Here, further education plays a central role. With a continuously increasing retirement age, lifelong learning becomes a requirement to keep up with tasks in both the private and public sectors. And here in Denmark, we have a strong trump card in the form of our strong researchers," explains the 41-year-old from Central Jutland about his motivation to move towards the research and education sector.

It is hardly coincidental that he also has an eye on the increasing retirement age. As a trained auditor and insurance agent, Peter Juhl has spent the past nearly twenty years of his career developing, selling, and advising on pensions and insurance at companies such as Danica, PFA, and Velliv.

A unique opportunity

In the future, he will act as a link between Aarhus University researchers and the many employers who wish to upgrade their employees with the latest knowledge.

"On a very general level, I can see certain similarities with my previous tasks: Engage in dialogue with customers and uncover their needs, and then figure out how we can contribute to fulfilling them," laughs Peter Juhl and continues:

"But the similarity ends there because it is obviously a completely different task to convey research-based courses. Through my work on boards, I have gained a reasonable insight into what is demanded in terms of further education in parts of the business community, and of course, I will draw on that, but moreover, I look forward above all to gaining a greater insight into all the university's knowledge. Having the opportunity to collaborate with some of the world's most talented experts and support them in disseminating their knowledge to society is a completely unique opportunity that I am looking forward to seizing."

A man of relations

At the Aarhus University Research Foundation, they are also pleased with the director's appointment. In addition to Peter Juhl's extensive leadership and board experience, they particularly note his ability to collaborate both within and between organizations:

"Peter Juhl has an in-depth knowledge of both public and private companies. He is accustomed to organizational work and board work, and furthermore, he has experience with partnerships and negotiations. He will be a great asset to the new company," says CEO of the Aarhus University Research Foundation, Jørgen Lang.

The foundation will be the employer for both Peter Juhl and the secretariat he is now tasked with establishing. The unit will operate at all Aarhus University locations but will physically be housed in The University City (Universitetsbyen) when the new area is fully ready in 2025.

Also at Aarhus University, they look forward to welcoming the director. Prorector Berit Eika was part of the hiring committee and has high hopes for the new initiative:

"Aarhus University has thousands of researchers who are passionate about their field of study. Their knowledge helps inspire and enrich our society, and there is great demand for it out there. It becomes an increasingly important task for the university to contribute to competence development and further education, and here Peter will be a central player. We were looking for a person who is trustworthy, dynamic, and curious, and he possesses those qualities fully, so I am very much looking forward to the collaboration."

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Excerpts from Peter Juhl's resume:

• 2023-2024: Independent advisor and board positions

• 2018-2023: Pension Manager, Velliv

• 2017-2018: Sales Manager, Skandia

• Chairman of the Board, Agro Business Park

• Chairman of the Board, EnergiViborg A/S

• Board member, Business House Mid Jutland

Peter Juhl also holds an HD degree, a qualification as an insurance agent, and a board education from Business Academy Aarhus. Privately, he is married and has four children.

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