PhD award winners 2024

Five young talents receive the 2024 PhD Prize

Once again, the Aarhus University Research Foundation awards the PhD Prize to five young researchers, who have each made an exceptional scientific contribution. You can read about the prize winners here.

By Filip Graugaard Esmarch

The AUFF talent prize is awarded for the 22nd time this year to an impressive group of young researchers, one from each faculty. Each of the five prize winners have shown impressive research results, which you can read about below. They receive this prize for their work as a PhD student and not necessarily for the thesis only.

This year, the prize goes to a doctor, a business economist, a physicist, a student of cognitive semiotics and a climate change researcher. They have contributed with remarkable new knowledge of testing of the kidney’s excretion of alkali, morality during times of resource scarcity, electronic structures of quantum materials, the inner voice of humans and universities’ effort to combat climate change and support the green transition.

Four of the talents continue their work as postdocs and one as assistant professor.

Facts about the PhD Prize

  • AUFF instituted the annual PhD Prize in connection with the University’s 75th anniversary in 2003.
  • Based on recommendations from the faculties, the PhD schools at Aarhus University recommend a number of candidates for the prize. Together, the University Management and Foundation choose the winners.
  • All prize winners must have completed their PhD project the previous year, in this case 2023.
  • Each prize winner receives DKK 50,000.

PhD prize winner Peter Matzen Berg.

PhD prize winner Christian T. Elbæk.

PhD prize winner Paulina Ewa Majchrzak.

PhD prize winner Johanne Nedergaard.

PhD prize winner Thomas Daae Stridsland.